I am a visual artist living in Ohio. My work features aspects of pop, surrealism, pin-up, humor, and modern glamour.  These days I mostly create photographs, but I also paint and sculpt and whatever else sounds good that day.
Man stands in front of gallery exhibit featuring a wire sculpture and several photographic prints.
exhibitions and publications
2006 OSU Art and Tech Show (Columbus, Ohio)
2007 Prisim Art Show (Columbus, Ohio)
2008 Agora (Columbus, Ohio)
2008 Not So Fast… (Solo Exhibition, Columbus Ohio)
2008 OSU BFA Exhibition (Columbus, Ohio)
2008 Agora V (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Dirty Show X (Detroit, MI)
2009 Hungry (North Kingstown, RI)
2009 Agora VI (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Gallery 83 (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Gallery 83 (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Yummy (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Davic (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 CNote (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Dirty Show X.5 (Detroit, MI)
2009 Eleven @ Hyde Park (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Eleven @ Hyde Park (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Bacon Camp (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Foodiepo Solo Show (Columbus, Ohio)
2009 Winter Ball @ Bounce (Cleveland, Ohio)
2010 iHeART (Columbus, Ohio)
2010 Bristol Bar III (Columbus, Ohio)
2010 Vital Records (Columbus, Ohio)
2010 Bristol Bar IV, (Columbus Ohio)
2010 The Romans Club @ Princeton (Columbus, Ohio)
2010 DeLevee (Columbus, Ohio)
2010 Bristol Bar V (Columbus, Ohio)
2010 Gallery 83 (Jan-December monthly)
2011 Gallery 83 (Jan- monthly)
2011 SKINS (Solo Show, Columbus, Ohio)
2011 Agora 8 (Columbus, Ohio)
2013 Agora X (Columbus, Ohio)
2015 Gallery 934 (Columbus, Ohio)
2015 Camelot Cellars (Columbus, Ohio)
2016 Beauty and Other Constructions (Solo Show, Gallery 831/Clayspace Columbus, Ohio)
2017 Something Red (Solo Show, Gallery 831/Clayspace Columbus, Ohio)
2017 All That Glitters (Rock Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio)
2023 Dirty Show (Cleveland, Ohio)
2022-2023 83 Gallery (Columbus, Ohio)
2011-2017 Media Director for the Ohio Burlesque Assoc.
2010 Official Photographer for the Cleveland Pride Festival
Ahead of the Curve, Seas Studios
Dove Archer, Cherimondis J (Album Cover)
Published Works
2001-2002 Touched: The Story of Alyssa McPheron (AVComics)
2001 One More Lesson from the Old Man (BP Comics)
2009 The Black Tape Sessions By Boyd Hambleton
(Photo of the Author)
2009 Foodiepo by Eric Paul Owens
2010 GlamIT by Eric Paul Owens
2010 Beauty in Darkness by Laura Dark
(Hair Effects Make Up work)
2010 Alt Noir Magazine
2010 The Darkiepo Compendium
2011 Fallica by Eric Paul Owens
2011 Visions of Eros: A Midwest Perspective (edited by Bridgett Ritz)
2011 Cover of Cleveland Scene Magazine
2011 Akron Beacon Journal/Enjoy 330 (Cover and two page spread)
2011 Burlesque Vol. I (ME Publishing, cover and inside image)
2012 Cleveland Magazine
2013 Beauty and other Constructions
2013 October, Penthouse Magazine
2016 Burlyepo
2017 Burlyepo 2017 Edition
2018 614 Magazine (May Issue)
2018 Burlyepo 2018 Edition
2019 Burlyepo 2019
2020: Glamit (2020 Redux)
2020 Burlyepo 2020
2020 Sally: Book One
2022: Retro Lovely Burlesque v7 (Cover and inside spread)
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